Training Aids

Training Aids

Cincinnati Crane & Hoist offers a variety of safety training aids in our E-store, below are just a few for you to consider.

Model Rigging Kit


NACB Model Rigging Training Kit can provide a thorough, long-term understanding of how to properly use rigging gear. The kit uses scale down versions of the same screw pin shackles, swivel hoist rings, slings and master links that are on the job site.

Kits come with multiple loads and a variety of individual components and sling lengths to provide hands-on learning for rigging concepts you need in the real world:

  • Bridle Hitches
  • Choker Hitches
  • Basket Hitches
  • Load Control
  • Off-Center Center of Gravity
  • Shackle Orientation
  • Pivoting a Load
  • Length / Height Sling Tension Multipliers
  • Eye Bolt De-rating for Angular Loads

 Pocket Reference Card – Mobile Crane


Pocket reference cards are made of durable, weather resistant material and provide information for mobile crane operators and signal personnel on all the crane hand signaling moves.

 Desktop Simulator


NACB Interactive Educational Systems Inc. (IES) offers a desktop, abbreviated version of its acclaimed training simulators. The system comes complete with a touch screen processor/monitor, one system module, and joysticks (as pictured). You can purchase any one module or any combination of all four modules for your personal system.

  • Mobile Telescopic Boom Crane Module
  • Mobile Lattice Boom Crane Module
  • Overhead Bridge Crane Module
  • Tower Crane Module

Additional Option:   You can purchase the software only, and use your own processors, graphics components, monitors, and joysticks.*


Educational DVD’s 


Image result for NACB videos

Educational DVD’s are produced by NorAm Productions Inc. and can be found in our Estore on a variety of crane safety topics, some titles are available in Spanish.