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Service & Inspection

Cincinnati Crane & Hoist can customize an inspection and preventative maintenance program to suit your company’s needs. We will keep your company in compliance with all OSHA requirements. Proper inspections and routine preventative maintenance will:


    • Reduce your costs by identifying worn parts prior to a breakdown, which allows for planned repairs.
    • Decrease the potential for injury from equipment failure.
    • Increase production by reducing or eliminating crane breakdowns.
    • Increase the lifespan of your crane equipment.


Load Testing Certification

Cincinnati Crane can provide load test certifications for all of your cranes and hoists. All cranes and hoists must be certified by testing their lifting capacity with 125% of the rated capacity. This must be completed on any newly installed crane prior to being placed in service and for any crane or hoist that has had any repairs done to load bearing parts.

Install and Inspect Runways

A correctly installed runway structure ensures a smooth-running crane system. Our installers are runway experts with experience established over many years and hundreds of installations. They have developed unique skills and special tools to make installations quick and easy.

Rail Inspection, Survey, and Correction

Runway Inspections and Surveys

Misaligned overhead crane runways cause wear on crane wheels, wheel flanges, bearings and rails. If left uncorrected, they can result in accidents, failure or derailment of overhead cranes, loss of productivity and costly downtime required for repair and replacement of expensive parts. For this reason, we recommend regular visual rail inspections and regularly look and listen for the sights and sounds of wheel and rail wear. This way, problems can be identified and a plan can be made for correction before they become serious. Just like regularly scheduled overhead crane inspections, crane rail inspections pay dividends in improved safety and productivity.


Laser Surveys

Laser surveys provide a multi-dimensional assessments of runway alignment to diagnose problems and aid in the development of  a plan for corrective action.  Using state-of-the-art laser technology, we can check the span, elevation and straightness of your runway. A survey measures each rail individually and in relation to the other rail.  A survey provides a clear picture of what is going on with the runway and shows what adjustments are needed to bring the rails back into alignment and within tolerances recommended by the Crane Manufacturers Association of America (CMAA).


 OSHA Requirements

  • Complete inspection of overhead cranes at intervals of at least every 12 months, and as often as every month depending upon the activity, severity of service, and environment.
  • Inspection and load test prior to initial use of all new and altered cranes to ensure compliance of all function of hoisting and lowering, trolley travel, bridge travel, limit switches, locking and safety devices.
  • Inspection of Cranes not in regular use. A crane which has been idle for a period of 1 month or more, up to 6 months, shall be given an inspection conforming to OSHA.
  • Monthly hook inspection with certification record with:  date of inspection, the signature of the inspector, and the  ID number of the chain inspected.
  • A preventive maintenance program based on the crane manufacturer’s recommendations shall be established.


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