Crane Accessories

Wireless Crane Remote Control System

Cincinnati Crane & Hoist presents our Wireless Crane Remote in partnership with Schneider Electric. This crane remote system is a state of the art device powered with the latest in smart technology. It is uniquely designed for intuitive and safe operation in hoisting and material handling applications. These durable remotes are designed to be ergonomic and lightweight.  The battery is fully charged in 15 minutes and will last for 30 hours of use.

Check out our Wireless Crane Remote Presentation:

Wireless Crane Remote Presentation

More Radio Remote Control Devices 

Improve your existing crane control system with a radio control. These efficient and easy-to-use controls increase productivity, reduce costs and enhance worker safety by allowing operators to stand away from the load being transported. Radio controls can easily be integrated into existing cranes. This is an ideal upgrade to perform in conjunction with your annual crane inspection. Cincinnati Crane offers remotes from Cervis, Remtron, and Magnetek. Ask us about what remote will work best for your crane!


Below the Hook Attachments

Cincinnati Crane & Hoist can assist you with all your below the hook needs.  We can repair, design, manufacture or supply you with a device that will allow your operation to run safely and efficiently. We can custom engineer your below the hook attachment to meet your specific requirements in all lifting capacities.

We proudly carry a full line of accessories by CM, Harrington, Bushman, R&M and many others. These products and more can be found in our E-Store.