Periodic Inspections

Crane & Hoist Inspections

At Cincinnati Crane, we are dedicated to providing reliable, high quality crane inspections and to making any repairs in a timely manner. Our focus on continuous improvement and ongoing training enables us to offer inspection and preventive maintenance programs that help you reduce downtime and costly production losses.

Inspections are essential to remain in compliance with OSHA standards and to help keep your facility running smoothly. All of our inspectors are factory trained by the hoist manufacturers.

Rail & Runway Inspections

A correctly installed runway structure ensures a smooth-running crane system. Our installers are runway experts with experience established over many years and hundreds of installations. They have developed unique skills and special tools to make installations quick and easy.


Advanced Paperless Inspection and Reporting System

When you receive a crane inspection report from CCH, you will see how we utilize an advanced interactive web based inspection program to deliver professional inspection reports than can be emailed as PDFs immediately after an inspection. Our crane inspection checklists are driven by the safety and regulatory standards including ASME, CMAA, NEC and OSHA standards. When we perform an inspection the technician records, the details they need about your crane or hoist to make it easy to quote repairs and to note deficiencies, thus minimizing the cost and time of additional service calls. We even photograph the problem areas on your equipment allowing the customer to see deficiencies directly in their inspection reports. Our clear and detailed reports reference the standards that apply to the checklist items and allow equipment owners to easily prioritize repairs and upgrades to maintain safety and compliance.



We follow OSHA Inspection Guidelines to keep you in Compliance


  • Complete inspection of overhead cranes at intervals of at least every 12 months, and as often as every month depending upon the activity, severity of service, and environment.
  • Inspection and load test prior to initial use of all new and altered cranes to ensure compliance of all functions of hoisting and lowering, trolley travel, bridge travel, limit switches, locking and safety devices.
  • Inspection of cranes not in regular use. A crane which has been idle for a period of 1 month or more, up to 6 months, shall be given an inspection conforming to OSHA recommendations.
  • Monthly hook inspection with certification records with: date of inspection, the signature of the inspector, and the ID number of the chain inspected.
  • A preventive maintenance program based on the crane manufacturer’s recommendations shall be established for your compliance logs.


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