Below the Hook Lifting Devices

Below The Hook Lifting Devices

Cincinnati Crane & Hoist designs, builds and repairs quality below the hook material handling equipment to grip, lift and transport your valued products. We can help you maximize your crane’s payload with lower tare weights because we have proven designs for durable, heavy duty material handling equipment.  These accessories will aid you in your crane operation and crane lifting needs. We proudly carry CM, Harrington, and R&M accessories that can be found in the E-Store.

Custom Engineered Lifting Devices Available

Having the right device is critical to the success of any job. CCH works with a variety of proven engineers to find the innovative products you need, moving your business in all the right directions for increased productivity and extended performance. Our below the hook lifting devices can be customized for unique applications.

Design Features for Below the Hook Lifting Devices


  • Designed in accordance with both ASME BTH-1 and ASME B30.20 “Below the Hook Lifting Devices” standards
  • In compliance with applicable OSHA standards
  • All design and detailing is completed by registered Professional Engineers
  • Reverse engineering, uprates, upgrades, and inspection services are available

Below The Hook Devices for Heavy Duty Material Handling

We have a proven expertise in providing mill-duty lifting equipment necessary to deliver material handling solutions with unparalleled levels of reliability, safety and quality. As part of our custom crane design service, we can provide the analysis of which below the hook device will provide the solutions that work best for our customers.  While not all of the below the hook devices are manufactured by CCH, we work with industry leaders to supply you with the ideal device that best meets your unique needs.


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