Preventative Maintenance

A Global Approach to Preventative Maintenance

Maintaining a safe environment for employees and avoiding costly downtime are top-of-mind goals for any business. When cranes enter the mix, those goals become that much more magnified, which is why it’s imperative to remain up-to-date on all maintenance and inspections. This not only extends the life of the equipment to protect your investment, but also ensures that you’re remaining compliant with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards and mandates.  Our certified inspectors and trained technicians provide an accurate assessment of the condition of your equipment. They evaluate risks, identify improvement opportunities and provide recommendations. An active preventive maintenance program is crucial to improving safety and productivity by reducing downtime and increasing reliability. We create a proactive, customized maintenance plan based on your equipment, application and duty cycle.


4 Phases of Preventative Care

Crane inspection and crane maintenance go hand in hand in protecting your investment. These essential inspections and preventive maintenance tasks are combined to form our Service Programs.


    1. The Initial Inspection: This should be performed by a qualified professional to ensure the initial installation of the crane is proper and the crane is safe to operate.
    2. Regular/Periodic Inspections: These occur at regular intervals that depend on how often and how you use your crane. For example, these may be scheduled weekly, monthly, or at any other interval you feel will accommodate the duty cycle of your crane.
      • Routine Maintenance, such as adjusting and lubricating, is performed to keep your equipment running while satisfying manufacturer’s maintenance instructions.
    3. Frequent/Daily Inspections: These should be performed by someone familiar with the crane—ideally the crane operator. Frequent inspections should happen daily or before every shift.
    4. Annual Inspections: OSHA requires that your crane be inspected annually to ensure it is in good operating condition. Inspection reports are required to be maintained and ready for review.
      • Compliance Inspections are designed to satisfy regulatory requirements. Our trained inspectors and technicians are your go-to experts on OSHA Crane regulations.

Our Preventive Maintenance Inspection Program identify risks and improvement opportunities. Our vast experience and expertise allow us to tailor preventive maintenance programs to meet your business needs. Call us today to set up a visit to discuss how we can assist you at 513-202-1408.



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