Overhead Crane VDF Controls

Course Number: OCVFD – 3Day(s) – Cost: $1,995
This course is designed to familiarize attendees with Adjustable Frequency Drives (AFD) in
particular Magnetek Series 4. This state of the art vector drive course for cranes begins with fundamentals of frequency drives and then using a Magnetek series 4, the trainer will educate attendees on programming and optimum operation of the crane.


  • Understand overhead crane and variable frequency drive safety considerations
  • Learn the fundamentals of variable frequency drives
  • Learn normal operating characteristics, access, and programming
  • Review and interpret fault history and react in a safe manner
  • Learn drive programming procedures for both Scalar and Vector Type drives
  • Interpret systems and learn to use diagnostic steps within the variable frequency drive

Course Outline

  • Safety, protective features
  • Theory of operation
  • Squirrel cage motors, construction, testing, and troubleshooting
  • Circuits and component layout
  • Controls and operation
  • Troubleshoot, preventative maintenance and repair
  • Review extensive software diagnostics
  • Review extensive program parameters to include manual and auto-tuning
  • Dynamic/Regenerative Braking theory and operation
  • Extensive hands-on training